Tell us about any memorable experiences or stories from your time working at the airport.

One particularly memorable experience was escorting the US Secretary of State during a recent visit. It involved coordinating the entire motorcade, including police bikes, cars, and international security. The attention to detail and precision needed for such visits made it exceptionally exciting.

Tell us about the importance of teamwork and collaboration in your job and the wider airport industry.

Teamwork and collaboration are paramount in the aviation industry. Safety is everyone's responsibility, and we work closely with stakeholders to ensure that everyone is informed, adheres to regulations, and contributes to a safe and efficient airport environment.

In your opinion, what makes the airport industry a unique and exciting field to work in?

The airport industry is unique because it offers diversity and constant change. You interact with people from various backgrounds and nationalities, and you witness the vital role airports play in connecting people to the world. Every day is different which opens up new horizons and possibilities.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering a career in the industry?

My advice is simple: do it!

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