Tell us about the importance of teamwork and collaboration in your job and the wider airport industry.

The collaborative nature of the wider airport industry is paramount. Whether it be speaking with airport managers in your local port or working with your other colleagues around other teams, if we don't collaborate we're not going to deliver the best infrastructure and deliver the best airport for our travellers and our stakeholders.

Can you describe your typical day or responsibilities in your current airport role? 

Being an Urban Planner within an airport is certainly a very diverse role. From planning for our commercial developments, looking at our pricing plans, or looking at our planning consents and building consents, along with considerations like strategic planning and airport master planning, every day brings a new set of challenges. 

What advice would you give to someone who is considering a career in the industry?

There are many different roles for everyone that offer great career stability and career satisfaction. My advice would be to look at the roles advertised at an airport, and throw your hat in the ring! You never know where it might land you.

In your opinion, what makes the airport industry a unique and exciting field to work in? 

What I think makes the airport industry unique and exciting is the sheer diversity in the work that we do. Whether it be land-side operations, air-side operations, customer service or planning, there's certainly something for everyone.

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