An airport manager must make sure their aerodrome complies with aviation regulations and procedures, all within one of the most dynamic and constantly evolving workplaces you can find.

The job is multi-faceted, fast-paced and vital to aviation safety. 

Large airports serving commercial airlines need managers to oversee several departments, but smaller airports may need their airport managers to be more hands-on with areas such as finance, security, maintenance, and more.

Airfield Duty Manager talking on phone

Airport Manager duties often include ensuring compliance with aviation regulations, and coordinating with various stakeholders, including airlines, tenants, and governmental agencies. 

They manage budgets, plan for infrastructure development, and prioritise safety and security measures. 

Airport Managers also oversee emergency management, address passenger concerns, and strive to enhance the overall airport experience – having a blend of management skills and knowledge of critical airport systems.

Airport Manager inside Airport
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