An Aerodrome Reporting Officer (ARO) is a specialised role within the airport industry responsible for providing critical information about the condition of an aerodrome (airport) to ensure safe aircraft operations. AROs work at airports and play a key role in maintaining the safety and efficiency of air traffic.

AROs are essential to maintaining the safe and efficient movement of aircraft at aerodromes. Their accurate and timely information helps pilots make informed decisions, minimises risks, and contributes to the overall safety of aviation operations.

Aerodrome reporting officer walking on field

An ARO’s duties may include conducting runway and taxiway inspections and reporting on runway surface conditions, as well as ensuring compliance with safety regulations, responding to emergencies, and monitoring wildlife activity.

ARO’s are vital contributors to the safe operation of an aerodrome, as well as looking out for the wellbeing of both passengers and aviation personnel.

ARO on a airport runway
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